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The Eternal Dance, Acrylic Painting

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered why we feel so much joy in dance or in the act of dancing? I love dancing in the most natural state. It gives me immense joy, relaxation and a feeling of ecstasy. The worries of past and the anxiety of future just washes away. I believe that the universe is also a dance. There is an oscillation of rhythms in that there is creation and destruction. Almost a hermetic principle of the universe. The dance is eternal and never stops. You may have correlations with the mystics and the Dance of Shiva. Dance is a universal quotient across all cultures and faiths. It is an outlet for a breakaway from the calcifications of societal rigidity.

In my painting called the Eternal Dance, I have depicted a state of higher consciousness. The acrylic painting on a 30 x 40 inches canvas is sure to encapsulate all the fervor and vibrancy of this kinetic energy, yet there is a subtle silence. That is the vibratory rhythm of creation.

On a more physical level, the painting has tones of red, blue, yellow, green and orange. There is bold line work in black. There are Indo-Persian instruments, and the dance style is resembling a Deewan-e-Khaas.

The painting is on exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Arts, New Jersey and featured on NJ arts. Visit- Celebrating Contemporary Indo-American Artists with "Kendra" — Feature Stories (

The large canvas is surrounded by a beautiful Italian Frame. One that is imported from Italy. The artist has made sure that the frame sits perfectly for this beautiful painting.

The painting in original is available on the Art Store Page. You may buy prints as well on the Art Store. All details have been provided on the Product Page of this website.

Please leave your comments regarding this painting.

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