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What does it take to be an Artist? The TOP 3

The journey to be an Artist is marred with terms like the "Starving Artist" and "You only get famous after you go 6 feet under!!" Is that true? I ASK YOU. Please Comment.

OK Maybe NOT, then what-

In my journey as an Artist for the past 10 years and after 30 exhibits and showcasing my work on Books and Magazines, besides Curating Art Exhibits, I have come to 3 simple ways to be a successful Artist OR at least based on my Observation of other very successful artists.


Yes, as corny or selfish this sounds, you need to be your own Brand. You have to toot your own horn as loud as you can, sometimes shattering glass. Take for example Michaelangelo from the days of Renaissance. Did you know he used to make $600,000 a year back in those days, which is equivalent to a few cool Million bucks today! - Really! YES. In fact, he was very crafty, and business minded in his trade. He made art for the Pope and the wealthy echelon of society. He was very good as a painter, but then you also have Van Gogh who did not sell, or maybe one he did and died super broke.

In the modern world take artists like Romero Britto, Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons. You can tell their work from a mile. Why? Because they have created a very distinct brand and image.

And guess what- Jeff Koons openly claims that he does not even put his hands on the work he sells. It's outsourced! Now that is also being 100% Authentic.


I love to paint and I have created Flowers, Landscapes, Nudes, Still Life, Children's Illustrations, Portrait Sketches and everything my heart desires. Great! But then YOU as the viewer will ask- "OK, so What is this artist about?" I would have successfully confused the heck out of my audience.

Pick your best style that has proven itself to catch eyeballs and appreciations of your friends and then go all in. I mean it. If you are unique in the way you paint flowers and got a 1000 likes on Instagram or Facebook, then lap it up and be Consistent in creating more of that. Now, I don't mean do a photocopy of it like an Andy Warhol silk screen or Soup Cans-although that is a very good example of Consistent Deliberations of Hooking you up Psychologically. You get my point. OK.

Number 3 - NETWORK

This is me as guilty as charged. I am happiest painting away in my basement. I love my Zone and pretty much love to live under a rock. Call me a Hermit Crab.

But that isn't getting me Sales!!

If you want to put yourself out there for the buyers to notice you and your Art- then - Put Yourself Out There. Simple.

How many Galleries Do You Visit?

How many Gallery Owners are your Friends?

How many Art Curators love your work?

Do You Show Up on Art Openings?

Do 'they' have your website details or Art Catalog?

Networking 1:1 is super important. While social media is good, it does not guarantee that you will make it to the Buyer. Most Buyers or High Net Worth are not even on social media. So, you have to meet them in Galleries or on the Golf Course. Do what it takes!

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