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A Premier Online Cubism Art Gallery

"Art washes away the dust of everyday life" were the words of Pablo Picasso. The truth cannot be any less.

Shourabh Mukherji, the man behind the modern cubist gallery is a self taught artist based in New Jersey for nearly two decades. A MIT educated Designer, Shourabh's passion for Art and Cubism kindled a fire to paint everyday. He is inspired by the cubism of Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Francis Souza and MF Hussain. 

Shourabh's works have been on exhibit in major galleries in New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. He has appeared on numerous Art Magazines. He is a Board Member at the Center for Contemporary Arts, NJ.

The paintings on this gallery page revolve around passion, love, eroticism and resonate a strong spiritual essence. The work is bold and direct with strong tones of red, orange and blue with line work in black. 

The viewer is drawn to a deep emotional and sensory connection with these paintings. It is with that faith that one can assess these fine cubist works and make a choice to buy them and add to their art collection or as a fine gift for the special someone. 

Shaping Glass


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