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About Pablo Picasso, the greatest Cubist

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

I have to say that without any surprise Pablo Picasso is my favorite artist. Whenever I go to a museum and Picasso art is on display, I intend to visit that gallery and spend my time there. This has happened on numerous occasions when I visited MoMA, Metropolitan Museum, The Guggenheim, NC Art Museum and the Smithsonian in the US, as well on my international visits as with Prado, Reina Sofia, Louvre, Hermitage and of course the Picasso Museums. I am absolutely charmed by Picasso works on Cubism, Blue Period, Rose Period, the later works of his from other artists like the Las Meninas and Women of Algiers.

Picasso spent his lifetime painting, drawing and in probably all art forms exemplifying the bodily beauty in different styles. He was fascinated by primitive art, then moved on towards blue and rose period, cubism, figurative combinations from different masters and finally of his own portraits as the painter.

Picasso was also a prolific painter and he was drawn to sculpture during his Cubist reign. He made numerous sculptures both figurative and of everyday objects. In- fact Picasso was adept in using objects like coffee mugs, cans, bike handles and tires in his work. Picasso could be certainly considered as a sculptor in the league with Rodin, Modigliani and like.

What are your impressions of the artist Pablo Picasso?

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Here are some links to Museums known for Picasso Collection

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