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Roots is an acrylic painting painted in year 2021 and of size 14H x 11WWe are a creation of an infinite soul, a nothingness that dances in its own expression of all there is. A celestial wisdom that transcends time and space, an incomprehensible origin of everything perceivable. Yet in this small journey- You made me of a fabric to a land I am rooted with. A land that beckons and calls me every time I go afar. A land that lives in my heart to teach love and humility for all. Love not one but all beings like your own.Do you remember your land?

    Size(in Inches)- 14 Height x  11 Width

    Material- Acrylic on Canvas

    Year Made - 2021

    Style- Cubism

    Color Tones - Red, Green, Orance, Blue


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