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Eternal Dance

Eternal Dance


A Great Investment and a Prized Painting was at the Center for Contemporary Arts, NJ in 2023. The Eternal Dance is a Bold and Vibrant Original Painting for the Special Art Collector. The Eternal Dance of the bodies, of the universe with its ecstatic vibe and pomp, Energizes Our Soul and resonates with an Inner Dance in You.

The painting is luscious with bold colors, it is energizing and passionate. One can not keep their eyes off this image. There is a trans like state in this dance, between the figurations and emblematic of unity conscious state.

The Acrylic painting employs Red, Green, Yellow and Blue colors to their full vigor. There is a vibe of Indo-Persian culture with the musical instruments, the Deewan-e-Khaas and the court dancers.

A fabulous collectors artwork.

Medium- Acrylic on Canvas

Size- 40 W x 30 H inches

Year- 2017

Style- Cubism, Pop Art

Comes with a Black Frame imported from Italy!!

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