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Do you believe in forgiveness? Pardone/ Pardon is a powerful painting on forgiving and letting go of past wounds. To let go is an immeasurably strong sentiment and it frees one to move ahead in life.This is an acrylic painting of size 20H x 20W inches made in year 2021.🎵When all is doneNowhere to retreatJust the hauntingsOf a hollow pastOf no joy or blissJust taunting rageAnd deep sorrowsI stand againTo see a path To live my lifeOf fearless soulI hug my otherTo forgive themAnd let goOf soiled memoriesA pardon at last🎵

    Size(in Inches)- 20 Height x  20 Width

    Material- Acrylic on Canvas

    Year Made - 2021

    Style- Cubism

    Color Tones - Red, White, Blue


    Standard Shipping Rate Apply

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